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Edo to Meiji

A time of Samurai, A time of fun

From Edo to Meiji: History & Culture for the fans
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edo_meiji is a nexus for fans of Japanese history and culture from the Edo to Meiji eras (roughly 1603-1912, from the beginning of the rule of the Tokugawa, to the death of the Emperor Meiji).

This community is intended to be inclusive of anime fans, cultural and history buffs, and people who are interested in the time period in which many real and fictional characters resided.

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Mods/Maintainers wish the best for our community and its members. So we have just a few basic rules.

1. Keep it civil. We love opinions and spirited debate and discussion, but flamage and personal attacks will not be tolerated in the community. Keep the discussion fruitful, and no worries. The mods won't do anything.

2. Keep it on topic. If it has nothing to do with Japan, and is really off-topic, you may be ignored or upon repeated abuse, moderated, and then banned.

For sale ads that are not on-topic (i.e., Pocky, J-Pop, random stuff) may be removed.
If you are not sure whether something is alright, never fear - ask one of your mods.

So what's on topic?: Cultural info, myths, stories, random anecdotes on Tokyo or even politics in that era that impact Japan. Even stories or things from books or collections that might have been read by folks during late Meiji, would be acceptable. If it's a part of life Edo or Meiji-era, that's great. If it's your latest work of fanart or fanfic covering someone from that time, go for it! Iconage is also acceptable, as long as it is kept behind a cut, and is relevent to the interests of people here.

If it's simply a post to share some neat snippet of history you unearthed, or a website you know your fellow nerds will love, please post it!

Please keep all images behind a lj-cut if they are larger than a standard icon.
Please also try to keep torrent requests and things for anything licensed under friends only.
Mods may add tags to posts to help our members find things more easily. If there is a tag missing, feel free to poke one of them.